Remembering Char Siew Pao

This is a box of Kettle Chips


Dear Diary,

That is a box of Kettle Chips, however this post has nothing to do with the box of chips.

This post is about how awkward it is to write an eulogy about my cat who died recently, as the very first post of this site (excluding the 2 introduction posts).

It is very awkward. I’ve been planning to launch this site for quite sometime, but I’ve been delaying it for weeks because I wanted to prepare something exciting as my first. But since my cat passed away, I have a lot to say about my cat. Facebook is never a good medium to express my thoughts, so I’ve decided to use this site since it’s my online journal anyway.

Remembering Char Siew Pao was a very painful post to write. I teared up endless times while arranging the photos.

Felt like having it as the first post destroys the genki-ness of the site that I tried to create. But life is not all about genki, sunshine and rainbows. Charsiewpao definitely deserved to be remembered as she was an important family member to the community. She was the source of genki-ness to me.

This post was written on May 3rd.

That, is a box of Kettle Chips, and this is a very awkward post.