Greetings, internet(s).

I'm edo/flyte. Call me either one is fine.

From MalaysiaSabah-born Malaccan, now living in Yokohama as a designer. And I write random things on this site.

Loves Japanese culture, animu/mango, arts, design, good music, cats, nendoroids, photography, pancakes, cafe-hopping, watches, gadgets and girls with glasses, and everything in between.

Occasionally, I get lost alone in the middle of nowhere.

Also an astrophysics nut; do my best to inspire others to be a lot more curious about the universe and life.

Also been part of Malaysia's biggest ACG convention as an Organising Committee Member for more than 10 years. Currently advising Comic Fiesta's Stage Operations, WebDev and Volunteer Operations, although I'm 5000KM away from home.

I am easily reachable, find me on my Twitter and Instagram.