Tokyo Night Skylines
Showa Kinen Park, Tachikawa

Instameet: Koyo Hike

2016/11/14’s autumn, my favourite season of the year. Colour explosions everywhere. Lovely.

Naturally, capturing autumn was THE obvious choice for the next instameet theme. Seeing that I’ll miss autumn’s peak in Tokyo (flying back to Malaysia in mid Nov), this is a good chance for me to capture the colour explosions for the year.

We went to Okutama this time and the plan was to climb up to Mount Odake via Mount Mitake (the same mountain that I went to last year).

I failed to reach the peak because we ran out of time (okay, mostly because I was weak sauce for not being able to climb up faster, lol). I.. imagined that I had more juice than a Duracell bunny. The sun set’s early and I did my best to hike as far as I can before the entire place turns pitch black… and turn my life into a cliche horror story’s source material.

Nonetheless, here are some of the photos that I managed to capture during the meetup.

Coincidentally, the supermoon phenomenon happened on the same day. It was not as exciting as expected. Sure, it’s bright alright, but just a tiny bit more brighter than other normal full moons.