Autumn in Tokyo, 2016
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Tokyo Illuminations 2016


It’s that time of the year again where Tokyo is strapped with bajillion colourful light LEDs, because, reasons. I still have no idea why but I can safely assume that it’s due to holiday season and everyone is on holiday mood? Maybe.

Anyway, I went out to take photos. So looking forward to super fantastic shots of everyth… OMG MY PHOTOS ARE SHIT WTF. Yeah, sadly, didn’t manage to catch many good shots as I imagined. Definitely overestimated myself.

No idea why, my creative juice weren’t running well that night I guess?

..or maybe it’s just because I ingloriously failed the Amagami challenge again and celebrated Christmas Eve alone.


Since I didn’t manage to capture cool shots, I thought that I’ll put some the photos that didn’t make it to my instagram here.