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I’m Glad


I’m glad.

I’m glad about many things.

I’m glad that I’ve reached the age of 31, without any severe medically threatening conditions, and fit enough to scale mountains. Unless, me balding, rapidly losing my hair, can be considered as a serious damage to my already minuscule chances of ever scoring a life partner, then yes, it’s.. life threatening.

I’m glad that I’m content with my job, getting paid well for it with good flexible hours, with no major dents to my QoL. I have full control over my designs; something that every designer ever wished for: the ability to flex out their creative muscles without limitations. Not having to deal with external clients, rarely I have the opportunity to meet new people. But no worries, I make up for it by meeting up new strangers on weekends over cuppa coffee and geeking out about the things that I love.

I’m glad that I am doing financially very well, with no burdening debt haunting me; allowing me to pursue my hobbies which at the same time improves my QoL. My biggest financial commitment currently is my monthly remittance for my mom. Which is fine; I bet I still haven’t exceeded the amount she had spent on me throughout her lifetime so far.

I’m glad that I’m still singl.. ahahaaha..ahaahahaahaaha ahaah aaahaahahaahahahaa

I’m glad with many, many things in life and I am taking the moment to appreciate the things that I had so far. I wish for the same thing for my family members, friends and strangers; the ones who I truly believe had affected my life so much, it put me where I am today. I wouldn’t be here without them, which I am certain that they are not aware of it. And for that, thanks for being part of my life.

I’m glad that I’m doing well and I will do my best to contribute back as much as I can while I’m still able; direct or indirectly, or maybe just inspire others to do greater things. I don’t expect others to make me feel special but instead, I do my best to make others feel special. Things can be pretty lonely here but I don’t expect anyone to find me here; however I’ll truly appreciate it if they actually do spend their limited precious tourist time to meetup with me here.

I’m glad that I’m still capable of pursuing things; things or skills that I want life and I hope that I’m able to achieve them within my short life time. Still no girlfriend. Still no cat. But at least, I have a roof and never short on food.

I’m glad that I have a washing machine.

Happy Birthday, me.