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Kyoto in Autumn


I’ve been in Japan for more than 5 years, but I’ve rarely step out of Tokyo for various reason. The fact of me not visiting Kyoto or Osaka seems absurd to most; even my mom have been to those places.

So, finally, after 5 years, I’ve decided to give Kyoto a visit. A very short one: it was just a day trip. I was trying to run away from things, and I thought it would be a good idea to clear my mind with a short trip.

I took the first Shinkansen available in the morning and went back to Tokyo at night on the very same day. It was pretty rushed, but hey, at least I’ve got a taste of Kyoto. Didn’t manage to visit a lot of places since, well, I actually only had less than 14 hours.

I’ll definitely be back here in Kyoto for a proper trip.

I will probably update this post in the future, where I can write my entire trip in detail. But for now, I’ll drop photos that I took during the trip.