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Instameet: Portraits


I’ll be honest: I’m terrible with saying good-byes.

I’m so terrible with good-byes that I’m pretty sure I’ve written 3 short stories centred around the idea on one terrible dilemma coping with farewells. Man, farewell sucks.

I usually don’t write much for my instameet post. Most of the time, I have little things to say and just drop photos in here. However, this instameet is different; it’s not just a normal instameet but also the final instameet organised by the ones who started it all.

The usual suspects, featuring rare pokemons.

Photography has always been my crack: a tool that I use to keep myself content for the longest time.

Before I met these fellow Instagrammers, for the longest time, I roam around the city alone. You can read some of my random misadventures here in this blog. God, that solo trip up the Poppy Hill still haunts me till this day.

That, or hours in front of the TV playing FFXIV.

My first time hanging out with this community was back in April 2016, here. Azrie, a long time friend of mine, invited me to an Instagram meetup. It was the Edo-Tokyo Architectural Museum meet up and boy, I sure do find it weird introducing my name at that place.

I’ve been to few some other photography meetups, but none felt as welcoming as this group; none of the members cares the number of followers you have nor judge your shooting style.

…we only judge bad camera purchases. Yes. MAN, I TOLD YOU NOT TO BUY THAT CAMERA, <insert name here>.

It’s been more than 3 years since then, and boy, I sure do hang out a lot with these peeps.

Just like how I met most of my friends through Comic Fiesta back at home, I met most of my friends here in Tokyo through this group. Just like how I committed myself to Comic Fiesta, I felt that it’s only natural for me to feel committed to help out on something that made my photography life fun again.

And oh, almost forgot that this is still an instameet with a theme; portraits. So, let me segue for a lil bit and drop some photos that I took from the meet.

Yes, I realised that I didn’t take many photos in this meetup once I dumped out all the pictures from the card. I think I spent most of the time there chilling out with them rare pokemon. We were fortunate; despite the weather forecast telling that it’s gonna rain hard for the entire weekend, it turns out to be just light drizzle. We set up our picnic location under a tree and it all goooood.

(but damn the humidity. Realised that all pictures of me looked like I had enough with life lol)

Thanks for everything, Hai & Jess. Thank you for this incredible community. Thank you for literally changing my experience living in Tokyo. We’ll do everything we can to keep the community alive.

Wishing you all the best on your future endeavours and really looking forward to your visit next year; with the latest member of the family.