Instameet: Sakura
Tanabata 2019

Instameet: Setagaya


Let’s go to Setagaya, a nice and quiet suburban town in Tokyo with the usual suspects, which happens to be a bigger crowd than usual. Gotokuji Temple is the main course in the menu: the famous temple with thousand of manekinekos.

Little I know there’s another tram network in Tokyo called Setagaya Line. Throughout this instameet, we explore Setagaya as we walk along the tracks towards the temple. I have to say, it’s a pretty chill neighbourhood.

Party with the usual suspects.
More usual suspects

The group is a lot larger than usual this time; maybe it’s because it’s really accessible for most… or everyone just love cats. I want to believe it’s the latter. The weather was fine, although it’s a little bit to bright and hot for my liking. Enough of texts, let’s drop em pictars.

Man, setagaya is so hip, they have CAT TRAMS.
A fraction of the thousand manekinekos displayed at the temple

I swear, there were thousands of these cats at the temple. While I know there are going to be a lot of it, but I never imagined that it’s going to be THOUSANDS of it.

Look at them cattos.

After we’re done taking cat photos enough to last us for the entire decade, we move on to explore the neighbourhood and shoot more portraits.

Black & White Gallery

The instameet ended at 4.30pm, but for some of us, we still have the energy to roam around.

IMCJP: Sangenjaya

After most of them dispersed, some of us decided to stay a lil bit longer to explore the (not-so) hidden streets of Sangenjaya. It’s a lot easier for us to roam the narrow streets too without causing too much trouble to the neighbourhood.

Ones who still had the energy to shoot more things

As I roam around the hoods of Sangenjaya, I had ‘Persona 5’ soundtrack looping in my head.