Anime Japan 2016
Instameet: Yanesen

Instameet: Edo-Tokyo Architectural Museum


So, a good friend of mine introduced me to a group of instagrammers who meet up at various locations every month. I’m always up to meet bunch of new people, especially when they share the interest.

This time, it’s Edo-Tokyo Architectural Museum. It’s pretty neat, in order to preserve old Japanese architectures, they relocated and reconstructed many buildings from the old times here. For more information about the place, visit this website:

I’ll be posting some of the pictures that I took from the instameets here and of course, my instagram account.

Here we go.

Azrie, a long time friend who invited me to the meetup.

I think I just found a great new bunch of people, and I believe, I’ll be out of the house more often from now. Hopefully.