Instameet: Edo-Tokyo Architectural Museum
Instameet: Kamakura

Instameet: Yanesen


Met up with the cool people of Tokyo Instagrammers again. Seriously, these bunch of people really motivated me on getting out of the house again. Else, I’d be busy leveling up my other classes in FFXIV.

This time, Yanesen and Nippori, for some temples and stuff. Yes, Nippori is pretty famous for having many cats roaming the area, and that really got me excited; BECAUSE CATS.

Ah, I love taking photos of people preparing to take group photos. It’s filled with so, so much life.

Sadly (or unfortunately), I had a hard time spotting any cats because they weren’t around that their (supposedly) usual chill out spots. But nay, we were blessed with something better: the presence of a superstar.


This is Maru. He’s not a cat, but hell damn he’s one handsome dog. With millions of followers on instagram, he’s one of the most popular Shibainu on any social media. Honestly, we were extremely lucky that we managed to meet him, as it was not part of the plan at all.

Yeap, worth it. Didn’t regret missing FFXIV for a day, at all.

Me and Maru. A quick picture taken by Lawrence. Look at him! That. Happy. Dog.

As usual, most of these photos are on my instagram too.