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Me & My Laser Earphones


Finally, after months of waiting. My Glow earphones has arrived. They call it, headphones, I call it earphones. Everyone knows damn well that it’s clearly a freakin’ earphones.

As usual, this is not a product review.

This arrived at my doorstep today

I backed up this project on Kickstarter back in February 2015, and they were supposed to deliver it by July 2015. No surprise, they missed their target date, which I’m totally cool with. Let them take their time to polish the product and just as long I get my hands on them before Comic Fiesta 2015, I’m happy.

…and clearly, that didn’t happen. I got these 3 weeks after Comic Fiesta 2015 ended. Oh well, at least I’m prepped for Comic Fiesta 2016 now.

These are laser earphones. No, it’s not a digital earphone that send optical signals to the earphones. They’re just normal earphones that shoots a fancy laser through their fancy cable developed by Corning.

It comes with a BIG hard case.

I was too excited that I had no patience to take a good photo of it out of the box.

Glow app controls the earphone’s laser via Bluetooth. Once setup, you can use it with any audio device.

Setup is pretty easy. Just charge the headphone with USB connector, download the app, connect it via bluetooth, set the settings, done.

It works even if you didn’t set it up. It will also work as normal earphones when it’s out of battery to power the laser.

How do they sound? Been using high-end earphones for years, it’s very unfair for me to judge these. But for sure, I can say it’s definitely better than stock earphones that comes with your phone. They mentioned that each earpiece is driven by dual balanced armatures and their target to make it as good as Shure 215. They’re.. okay.

Honestly, I didn’t get these to listen to music. I got these for them glow. GLOW.

I feel like Ram Rider now. Photo taken at +0.6EV for extra coolness

I can wotage with extra class now… although who the hell would wear earphones at concerts?

Pretty sure you can tell that I had fun taking those cool (dumb) shots in the dark. It’s worth it.

Next… I’ll wait for a suitable occasion or events to wear these. Nah, I don’t think I go out to jog with these.