Me & My Laser Earphones
Going 30

Me & My Floating Lightbulb


This is weird.

I pledged 3 different projects last at different times, with estimated completion date far apart from each other. All 3 missed their datelines.

By some weird twist, all 3 items arrived in the same week. Well, it’s here. I’ve been waiting for this for months.

This is Flyte. No, the product name is Flyte, not me. It’s a lightbulb that floats via magnetic levitation, and powers the bulb wirelessly. Cool huh?

Stop everything. Push everything aside. Time to unpack this.

Oh I will alright, just you wait.

Still feeling weird seeing “Flyte” as a product name.

This is an expensive art piece. Thankfully, I didn’t have to pay for this. I did a small time freelance design job and I asked them to pay me with this. It’s a good excuse since I know that I wouldn’t buy this myself with my own money, may other pay for it instead.

Clearly, this was packaged by a small team. The packaging seems to be straightforward; you just slide it, and open the top to reveal the product…

..then I realised that it was upside down. Great job, you whoever packaged this; you trolled me successfully with flying colours.

The co-pilot guide, and the bulb. The base is right beneath the co-pilot guide.

The neat fabric power cable.

The product comes with co-pilot guide that will help you with levitating the lightbulb for the very first time. Levitating the lightbulb can be extremely tricky. You have to land lightbulb slowly directly from above; try it sideways or slightly slanted and it will never float. The co-pilot is a huge help for first timers.

After few days of using Flyte, I’m a pro at levitating the lightbulb.

The light can be switched on and off by tapping at one of the base’s corner. It can float without the light, but it can’t float without power.

Magnets? More like magic.

What else can it do? Nothing really. It’s a levitating light bulb and nothing else. You show it to your friends, and they’ll be impressed for 2 minutes and then you’re back talking about random anime spoilers.

It’s just a nice looking art piece. They tried to implement wireless charging for other devices but they didn’t have enough time to test it out.

It looks nice on my desk, and I occasionally stare at the lightbulb spinning slowly, still in awe that the lightbulb actually floats.

Overall. I’m happy. It fucking floats, and it felt that it’s worth the wait. Would I recommend this to anyone? Definitely not, because it’s ridiculously expensive for a lightbulb, unless money is no issue for you.