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Instameet: Illuminations


Instameet on Christmas eve? How thoughtful of them to make us feel less lonely on this joyous occasion.


This time we went to illuminated Showa Kinen Park in Tachikawa. But before that, we gathered at IKEA Tachikawa. The plan was to take ‘Diamond Fuji’ shots from the rooftop; we were told that around this time of the year, the sun sets on top of Mount Fuji. Unfortunately, the weather were not cool with us, and brought in extra fog and haze to photobomb our view of the great mountain. Tch.

We can almost see it. Almost. Damn clouds.

But hey, we still had our fun taking pictures of the pink (or orange-ish?) sunset on top of the roof.

Don’t forget that we were at IKEA. Any meetups at IKEA can never go wrong, unless they ran out of meatballs. And meatballs we had.

We went to the park as the day gets darker. This is not my first time here, but it’s definitely my first time here at night.

We were told they’ll be fireworks, so most of us brought our tripod and were totally geared for some fireworks shot. Then we found that it was one of the shortest fireworks show we’ve ever seen. It was pretty hilarious when everyone went “wut, that’s it?”. It was… like for 5 minutes?

Due to that, I didn’t manage to capture much, but still, got some good shot. So, I’m good.

The park we’re illuminated with lights, so we went around doing our best to take awesome shots with that bokehlicious balls of lights in our frames.

Some of us tried to look for benches, to fulfill their bet for failing the infamous Amagami Challenge, again. Too bad, there were no suitable benches in sight.

Ayaka is also going to leave us for quite sometime, as she’s going to go around the planet visiting new places. We’ll definitely miss her… and her ever changing hair colour. Safe travels, and can’t wait for you to return, Ayaka.

Since this was the last instameet for the year, the organiser decided to reward a participant who attended the most instameet for the year. No surprise, it was me, as I didn’t miss a single one this year. I can’t help it, I love these meetups, and I love taking photos. Besides, I only get to meet these lovely peeps for only once a month.

As a reward, they gave me these sick LED lighting kit (and an instagram ‘Like’ flag); which took me no time to toy around with it. It was, glorious.

I was like.. totally lit.

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year, folks!