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It’s Sea Day in Japan, so we went to see the sea. We couldn’t travel far to see the beautiful beaches, so.. the absolutely typical not-so-clean yet not-so-dirty beaches of Chiba will do.

We went to Kasai Rinkai Park in Chiba; just an hour train ride away from Tokyo.

Summer hasn’t reached its peak yet it was hot; the seaside’s insane humidity just made it even hotter than usual.

Normally, this area is closed off to the public for swimming, but since it’s Sea Day, it’s open to the public for a day. I’m not the type who would like to take a dip in the sea, so looking at it would be more than enough.

I did take a lot of photos… but most of them didn’t turn out as great as I expected. Also, maybe my creative juice was in the drain. The weather was hot, VERY hot.