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Instameet: Mountain Day


The next instameet falls on yet another public holiday: Mountain Day. Hence, the organisers decided that we should head into the mountains, and turn it into a BBQ chill time next to a river; something that we have never done before.

We gathered at Oku-tama Station and took a short walk to Tama River where we set up BBQ pit with stones, then set our food on faiya (okay, not really).

We took a walk around the area and… also did a totally unplanned hike; it had this very steep long flight of stairs too (something like the ones in Batu Caves). I was totally mentally unprepared for it, so unprepared that when we reached the peak, I’ve completely forgotten to take any photos while we were up there.

Maybe they should do this as a yearly thing. The BBQ I mean, not the surprise hike, lol.