Instameet: Mountain Day
Gundam Unicorn, TWC Version.

Instameet: Kind Comments


In conjunction with Instagram Worldwide Instameet with “Kind Comments” as the theme, the usual peeps decided to go with “rainbow” to go with it… because we’re “kind” is not exactly what I would describe myself as.

Wearing striking coloured wears, we gathered in Shinjuku, and geared ourselves with colourful balloons. We walked around Shinjuku and hunt for the perfect photogenic angles.

Unique to this instameet, we finally have a cat as a participant; meet Nijimalu of So, pardon me, while I shoot the hell out of our unique feline participant.

Oh, of course, it’s not all about cats. It’s not a cat meetup as much as how I’d wish it to be.

The weather was fine. It wasn’t hot, it was still bright as hell; so bright that it was a sharp shadow fiesta.

Pictures of non-feline participants

#wwim16_igersjp #imcjp #wwim16 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

A 360 view of (some of) the instameet participants.

Despite having many fantastic shooting opportunities during the instameet, it felt like one of those days where I had a creative slump; my mind just simply refused to work and it felt like I’ve forgotten on how to take photos. Oh well, I hope this slump won’t last long.