Wind Chimes at Nishiarai Daiishi
Wonder Festival 2018 Summer

Edo Neko Chaya


or literally, Edo Cat Tea House; or Edo Cat Cafe.

I’ve been to a lot of cat cafes in Japan. Most of the cat cafes has a certain theme to it, ranging from comfy Japanese living room with a kotatsu, to English style houses. But now, enter Edo-period themed cat cafe.

Cute Girl Not Included.

I’m not really going to go in-depth about what’s going on in here. It’s a temporary pop-up cat cafe with old Edo-period settings like tea house, bath and more. It’s right in front of Ryogoku Station (just two stations away from Akihabara) and run Calico Cat Cafe, which is a popular cat cafe chain in Japan. All of the cats were rescued stray cats, and if you’re interested, you can even take them home.

Be sure to check out the hashtag to see other people’s pic of them cats.
One of the displayed art with a pretty good description detailing on what you’re looking at, because I wouldn’t be able to tell what’s going on in the picture myself.

I thought that I was smart: going to the cat cafe in a middle of a working week, as early as 11am, thinking there would be no crowd, allowing me to hog all the cats for myself. Heh, I was so wrong: there weren’t a huge crowd, but still, crowd. I’ve completely forgotten that it was in a middle of a summer holiday for most. Welp.

Still, I enjoyed my time there. I get to play with a lot of cats that actually CRAVES FOR ATTENTION. There were kittens too, which is pretty rare for cat cafes.

Expectations: Empty. Reality: Not Empty.
Bath house theme.

The following are some of the photos that I managed to grab during my short stay there.