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Instameet: Bakeneko


There’s a Japanese folklore that says once an ordinary cat reaches a certain age, they transform into a supernatural creature, Bakeneko.

…and there’s a festival for it in Kagurazaka.

For October’s Instameet, we went to Kagurazaka’s Bakeneko Festival. I was told there’s going to be a parade where the public can join, and everyone will be dressed up as cat.

The group is larger than usual; there were more than 30 of us, maybe. Since the group was large, it was pretty hard to stay in group; so I ended up shooting the parade at my own pace.

Gaku showing off pictures of him
The group is a lot bigger the usual
One mum helping her kid to blend well with the crowd
One kid who’s obviously enjoying her time being part of the parade

The entire parade is open to public; anyone can just join the walk from one end of Kagurazaka, to the other end, and back to the start. The parade was split into various group, and they perform their own thing. I tagged along with a group of samba performers, because they were loud, and cool.

Samba bros.
Cool bro who’s leading the other samba bros.
B&W Gallery

I’ll end this post with a picture of Gaku being himself with potato chips.