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Instameet: Yamanashi


Let me get this out there: This is the best trip that I ever had, in my entire life, and it is not an hyperbole. A weekend trip with a medium sized bunch of good friends, out there, taking photos. I mean, that’s it. If I’m already dead by the time you read this, rest assured that I died happy and I have no regrets.

…wait no, I don’t have cats yet.

[Warning, there’s a lot of photos in here. Not recommended if you have limited bandwidth]

It’s a 3 days and 2 nights trip in Yamanashi, where we go to various good photo spots to score good shots. The entire trip was planned by Hai & Jess, and this is the first Instameet that lasts the entire weekend.

Day 1

Fun times with the usual suspects
First night’s dinner
The closest experience to “Terrace House” I can get.

Day 2

Thanks to weather, instead of Insta Fuji, we get Insta Moods. It was foggy all over and we can’t see the mountain.
This is what we expected.
This is what weather had in plan for us.
This is now, one of my life goals.
Of course, I wasn’t the only one. There’s someone else here for the first episode of Yuru Camp. Aki, the underrated best girl, is in focus.
Any epic trip wouldn’t be complete without a grill session.
Impromtu Lightroom Basic Session due to bad weather outside.
Played around with fireworks too but it’s proven that I need more skills in this to pull of a good shot.
The skies did clear for a while, but this is the best I could pull of in a single image.
I’ve been wanting to do astrophotography for the longest time but bad weather ruined our plans. This was the best I could pull off, after several stacks, clean up and other random stuff.

Day 2 concludes and we prayed for a better weather the next day.

Day 3

A majestic view of the majestic Mount Fuji

…and boom. The weather decided to play along and damn, majestic view is majestic.

In case anyone forgets, this is me.
I’m a designer and even I find it hard to understand these “art expressions”. Maybe I’m a terrible designer.

The grass field was the last destination in the list, and we had to head back to Tokyo before the day gets darker. We had a time limit for the rental cars too.

..and of course, traffic jam.

Just because we were stuck in a traffic jam, doesn’t mean we can’t party in the car. So, we ended up lighting up the car like a christmas tree; because bokeh balls are awesome.

Bored while stuck in traffic jam.

By the end of this trip, I took 2750 shots, and that is definitely going to take a while to process. I am still slowly updating this post as I go through the photos and write in more details when I have the time.

But for sure, this trip is definitely going as one of the greatest trip I have in my living memory. Looking forward to the next weekend trip, next year maybe. Many thanks for Hai & Jess for making this happen, and also driving us around. Hopefully we’ll have more drivers in the next trip.