Edogawa Fireworks Festival 2018
Comiket 94 Cosplay

Instameet: Hanabi


Let’s go for another fireworks shoot.

Notes of Nomads took us to Sayama Park in Saitama for a fireworks themed Instameet. This, would be my third fireworks shoot for the year, and as I writing this down, I still have 1000+ fireworks photos in my lightroom from previous sessions that I have yet touched; and that doesn’t include other non-firework sessions.

(Urgh, I really need to learn on how to clear my Lightroom backlogs as fast as possible)

The weather forecast said that it would rain on that day, and it did rain. But, that didn’t stop us. Because we’re mad. We’d do anything to take cool pics (okay, maybe I’m just speaking for myself, because I know that I’m mad).

We were lucky, the rain stopped hours before the fireworks started; so it’s all cool.

The usual suspects. Prepping their gears to shoot the skies.
The view was beautiful, even without the fireworks.

Although the theme of this instameet was fireworks.

I had two cameras with me; one to shoot the fireworks, and another to record the entire thing (something that I should’ve done for the previous fireworks shoot).

Getting ready to murder some fireworks.

The entire thing was pretty short compared to the big fireworks festivals in Tokyo; lasted for only 30 minutes. I guess, smaller town, smaller budget? Eh, maybe.

But without a doubt, the ferris wheel in the town definitely contributed a lot to any of the fireworks pics that we took.

It’s a pretty short display of fireworks, but still cool.

Above is the video taken with one of the camera, at the best quality a 5 years old camera can offer, woo! You’ll notice that although it somewhere around 30 minutes long, there were a lot of pauses in between.

I’ve been to a lot of fireworks festivals before, and I’ve somewhat able to predict on what’s coming; allowing me to adjust my camera settings quickly. However, not this one. This has to be one of the trickiest fireworks shoot I’ve done lol.

However, I’m still satisfied with my results, despite the lack of wind blowing smokes away lol.

Stacks of 7 fireworks. I think?

Now, photos that has nothing to do with the theme, but too cool to be left alone in my photo library. The park itself was pretty nice, so we didn’t waste any opportunity to take cool shots around the area.

Let’s end the trip with a round of coffee with bunch of good friends.

The next instameet will be a special one, where it will be staying overnight out of Tokyo. It’ll involve shooting Fuji, lakes and hopefully, some Astrophotography. Really, looking forward to that one.