Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival 2018
Instameet: Hanabi

Edogawa Fireworks Festival 2018


A Malaysian friend invited us to a fireworks chillout by another Malaysian, at Edogawa Fireworks Festival. Thinking that I haven’t shot enough fireworks for the year, decided to go.

This is not my first time here; that was two years ago, but I was on the other side of the river. While we had a fantastic center view previously, I had forgotten my tripod mount pad. Hence, I didn’t manage to take any good shots back then.

Despite being on a different side this time, the spot we got was pretty good; we were pretty close to the launch site and we could see everything clearly.

Two years ago, I was on the other side of the river. Just look at the crowd.

Naturally, the place was crowded. The walking trip from the station to the riverside weren’t fun; plus, it was hot and humid. It was fine once we reached the riverside.

The famous Edogawa Firework with Fuji-san shaped fireworks.
I accidentally moved my tripod while the shutter was still opened. The result looked like I was warping away from the river, sideways.

I guess at this point, anyone can pretty much guess that I love to take individual shots of the fireworks. There’s just something majestic about these fire flowers in the sky that I love. I can truly appreciate every single craft put into these fireworks by the pyrotechnic masters.

Again, many thanks to Wayne for organising the gathering. I was definitely happy with most of the photos that I took this time, and of course, it was definitely cool to meet more Malaysians who had stayed in this country way longer than me.

A bunch of Malaysians and Japanese chilling together.

Just when I thought that maybe I had enough of fireworks photos, I found that the next instameet is going to be Fireworks themed. Hopefully that will be the last one of the year lol.