Wonder Festival 2018 Summer
Edogawa Fireworks Festival 2018

Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival 2018


Kimi, one of the IMCJP regular members invited us to her rooftop for Sumidagawa Fireworks.

I’ve been to Sumidagawa Fireworks few years ago; however, although the experience of hanging out with friends were great, we couldn’t really see the fireworks. Being one of the biggest and most famous firework shows in Tokyo, the entire area were crowded. Spots on active road were reserved since morning, even before they closed the road. Seconds after the closed the road, the crowd would rush to their spot with tables, cushions, and anything that would make their viewing experience as comfy as sitting in a living room.

That was few years ago. This year, Kimi told us about her awesome rooftop, and the view was spectacular; we could see the SkyTree and the launch site directly from the rooftop. It’s really close!

Me and Herman rushed from Chiba (for WonFes) and we’re already slightly tired for the day. Getting to her house was quite a nightmare as area was predictably crowded as heck and the police started to heavily control the pedestrian flow. What usually would take 10 minutes to reach her place, was 30 minutes. But everything was fine once we reached her place.

How is this fair? She gets this view on her rooftop? ;_;

We weren’t alone on the rooftop of course, there were other residents chillin’ on the rooftop too, like a picnic. For us shutterbugs, we look forward awesome some fireworks photography.

The day was still bright when it started

The fireworks started early. The sun was still up when they set the sky ablaze.

Had fun. We had good full view of the fireworks, no crowds to fight with, and a pretty chilling atmosphere with friends. As usual, dropping all the photos below.

Set the sky on fire!

Once again, thanks Kimi for inviting us to her rooftop. This definitely is one of the best fireworks photography session I had in quite a while.

Thank you Kimi, for inviting us to your rooftop!
Them other Malaysians who joined us; Herman and Hari.