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Thirty Two

Haven't cut my hair for more than 3 months. Two years into the 3-series. Am I feeling old yet? Yes, in a weird way, and I'm not really a fan of it. Thankfully, I am nowhere around the "I

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I'm Glad

I'm glad. I'm glad about many things. I'm glad that I've reached the age of 31, without any severe medically threatening conditions, and fit enough to scale mountains. Unless, me balding, rapidly losing my hair, can be considered as a

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Going 30

Today. I turn 30. Shit. I've been on this rock for 3 decades, and that very thought scares the living out of me. I have no idea how you older people cope with the age thing, but really, I do

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My 10 Years with Comic Fiesta

Comic Fiesta 2015 marks my 10 years of involvement with Comic Fiesta as an organising committee. Still remembered my first Comic Fiesta back in 2004 at Balai Seni Lukis Negara, was so psyched about the event that I wanted to

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